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Mac Computer Users:

The CD will only run on Windows platform, not native MacIntosh. However, I’m told by a “Mac expert”, that you can run it using Windows emulation software, such as Virtual PC. Apparently, it is somewhat slower running because of emulation mode, but it works just fine.

Disclaimer: Since all of my CD’s are PC-based (and I am NOT a Mac person), I’d be interested to know how well (or even, if) this ‘solution’ works, from any Mac Users.

Help File: Questions and answers for a digital world
By J.D. Biersdorfer

Published: July 19, 2007

Q. Family Tree Maker’s Web site says it has abandoned efforts to create a Mac version of that genealogy software. What can Mac owners who want to computerize their genealogy do?
A. Although Family Tree Maker, now on version 16 for Windows, has long been a stalwart in the genealogy software category, it’s just one of the options out there for Macintosh computer users.
In fact, there’s a whole site dedicated just to Mac roots-and-relatives software at, and the site also offers news, reviews and user forums.
Some of the Mac-based genealogy programs out there include iFamily for Tiger (, which integrates itself with the Mac OS X iPhoto program for organizing family pictures. Other options include MacFamilyTree ( indexe.html) and Reunion (
If you are not sure which software to get, all three programs offer trial versions to download from their sites.
The Mac Genealogy site has links to several other Mac-friendly applications and utilities to help you build up your database of personal history.