Acadian Family Names 1700 to 1755 and Variations

The following list consists of the names of all families, including those of couples who left no surviving descendants, who resided in continental Acadia between 1700 and 1755. These are all the families known to us who were (or, who might have been) among the approximately 13,000 Acadians involved in the Dispersion, whether deported or displaced in that tragic occurrence.

Such a list cannot but be incomplete, due to the loss during Dispersion or subsequently of a substantial number of the documentary sources that would normally identify the individuals who made up the Acadian population throughout the half century. Particularly significant is the absence of census records for Acadia after 1714. Researchers have been able to reconstruct parts of the population of the colony through consultation of surviving parish records, but recourse to a wide variety of other sources has been, and as research goes on , continues to be necessary, to fill-in gaps in our knowledge. Such families, especially those who only settled in Acadia in the last quarter century before the disaster of 1755, are only identified as Acadians by documents concerning the exiles in Québec, France, the British American colonies, the West Indies, French Guyana or Louisiana. Many of these documents are just now coming to light, due to the assiduous searching of certain descendants determined to trace their Acadian connections. In some cases it is nonetheless still quite difficult to determine whether the family name actually would have been known in Acadia, or whether it only was added to the roster of Acadians during the long years of wandering in exile.

It must be noted that this list (found in the section “Those Who Disappeared” below), includes the names of only those families who were part of the civilian population of Acadia, those of the families of the military who left long before the Depression in 1710 having been intentionally.

The origin of our Acadian families, especially the oldest and largest among them, are but little known. For the entire period for which Acadia was colonized, only two passenger lists dating from 1636 and 1641, and one church register covering the years 1679 to 1686, are available to us. Our censuses, beginning in 1671, permit us to reconstruct the first three or four generations of each of our principal families, but they provide no information, contrary to the censuses of Plaisance and some later enumeration, for example, regarding origins, except in very exceptional instances. For genealogical purposes the absence for the early period of the records of marriages, or marriage contracts which normally form the most reliable sources of such information, is the chief difficulty one encounters. The marriages recorded at Port-Royal from 1702, at Grand-Pré from 1707, and Beaubassin from 1712, provide us with some samples of what we would find if all the registers had survived. Unfortunately, none of these three parishes just named, had all of its records and no registers survived at all for Cobeguit, the two churches at Pisiquit, the Rivière-aux-Canards, Chipoudy, the Pointe-de-Beauséjour, Tintamarre, Chebogue, or any of the lesser missions of old Acadia. Of course most Acadian families are of French origin. Even in the case of those for no precise origin is known, proof of this is given in many instances, by the Déclarations of the Acadians settled on Belle-Ile-en-Mer, wherein a substantial number of the first ancestors to live in Acadia, are uniformly described as “having come from France” (for example, Babin, Blanchard, Daigre, Dupuis, Terriot).

Nevertheless, the exceptions to this rule are perhaps more interesting than those conforming to the norm. Among these exceptional families of Basque origin (Arosteguy, Bastarache, Ozelet) as well as one that is Spanish (Gousman) and two that are Portuguese (Mirande, Rodrigue). There are also several Irish families (Caissy/Casey, Guénard/Gainer, Long, Onel/O’Neale), three English (Druce, Granger, Hensaule/Henshaw), one Scottish (Jeanson/Johnson), one Flemish (Pitre), one from the Channel Islands (Semer), and even one from Croatia (Mathieu). It is also interesting to note that at least two families that may not seem to be French (Egan, Melanson) are nonetheless, of proven French origin!

A number of names on the list would be immediately recognized as Acadian names everywhere Acadians have settled. These included the names of the families with the most numerous descendants such as theLeBlanc’s, the Landry’s, the Hebert’s, the Boudrot’s and the Richard’s. These families are of course quite important on a statistical basis. There also appear on the list, the names of a number of families whose members played extraordinary roles in Acadian history. Besides the families of the hereditary nobility, or the seigneurial class (d’Abbadie de Saint-Castin, D’Amours, Denys, Le Borgne de Bélisle, LeNeuf de La Vallière, Mius d’Entremont and Turgis de Saint-Étienne de la Tour), who bring a certain amount of blue, even royal blood into the veins of some Acadians, there are families of the corsairs (Guyon, Maisonnat, Morpain), those of the heroes of the resistance against the British (Broussard, Maillet), as well as those of several victims of the French Revolution (Granger, Le Prince).

The above-noted was written by Stephen White for Parks Canada and permission to reproduce provided me by Stephen, as well as Portage Technologies Inc., producers of “The Acadia CD-ROM“. I am also grateful to Parks Canada for allowing reproduction.

The List (below)

The list is presented in three parallel columns. The column on the left (first column) contains an alphabetical list of Quebec surnames (family names), as found in sources such as baptismal and marriage registers and in repertories such as Jette, PRDH and Laforest. The center column (second column) contains spelling variations of the name in the first column, and only of that name.

The column on the right (third column) contains “dit” names for the name on the left, and only for that name. Spelling variations and “dit” names for the names on the right will be found where each of these names appears in the column on the left (first column). If a particular family name does not have any spelling variations nor any dit names, that will be noted in the respective columns.





AbelAbel, Abelle, Habel, Habele, HabelleBarbe, Benoit, Capel, Desjardins
AbrahamAbraham,Abram, Abran, Habraham, HabranCedula, Courville, Desmarais, Langevin, Pedrement
AcheeAché, Achée, Haché, Hachée, Harché, HarcheyChaveneau, Gallant, Hélot
AdamAdam, Adame, Adams, AdanLabranche, Laramée, Ledoux, Neuville
AlainAlain, Alen, Alin, Allain, Allen, Allin, Halin, HélèneBissonnet, Fugère
AlarieAlarie,Alary, Grandalary, Grantalarie, Halari, Halarie, Halary, LaryLafleur, Laramée, Legrand
AlbertAlber, Albert, Allebert, HalbertBeaulieu, Lafontaine, Laroche, Perot, St-Aignan, St-Vincent
AlexandreAlescendre, AlexandreBleau, Laliberté, Raux, St-Pierre
AllainAlain, Alin, Allain, Halain, HalinBriere, Dudemaine
AllaireAlair, Alaire, Aler, Alere, Allair, Allaire, Aller, Halaire, Halere, HallaireBaril, Barrière, Labarre, Lart, Lavergne, Longpré
AllardAlard, Allard, Allart, Halard, HallardBary, Lavergne, Longpré, Méry
AmboiseAmboise, Damboise, DambroiseBergeron
AmiotAmiault, Amiot, Amiotte, AmyotBocage, Hautmény, Larpinière, Lincour, Neuville, Villeneuve, Vincelot
AmiraultAmireau, Amireault, Mero, Miraud, Mirau, Miraux, Mireau, Mireault, MoreauDelaboutonnière, Tourangeau
AmyotAmiault, Amiot, Amiotte, AmyotBocage, Larpinière, Villeneuve
ArceneaultArceneau, Arcenault, Arcenaux, Arceneau, Arsenau, Arsenault, Arsenaut, Arseneaut, ArseneauxDeshaies, Joson, Quointino
ArchambaultArchambau, Archambaud, Archambaux, Archambeau, Archambeault, Archambaux, Arshambo, ArchampbeaultGervais, Guibord, Janot, Sédilot, St-Martin
ArsenaultArceneau, Arcenault, Arcenaux, Arceneau, Arsenau, Arsenault, Arsenaut, Arseneaut, ArseneauxDeshaies, Joson, Quointino
AubertAuber, Aubert, Haubert, Hobert, ObertDeGaspé, DelaChenaye, Duforillon, Forillon, Lachesnaye, Latousche
AucoinAucoin, Coin, Ocoin, WedgeNo dit names listed
AyotAhiot, Aillot, Aiot, Ayotte, HayotBaril, Godin, Houle, Lefebvre, Préville, St-Laurent
BabinBabain, BabinCyr, Desaulniers, Deslauriers, Trottier
BarbeBarbay, Barbe, Barbes, BarbetAbel, Harel, Laforge, Lafortune
BarbeauBarbau, Barbault, Barbeau, Barbo, BarbotBoisdoré, Potvin
BaretBaret, Barette, BarretteCourville, Laroche, Rocheleau
BaronBaron, Barron, LebaronAuger, Lupien
BarreBare, Baree, BarreJean
BarriaultBariau, Bariault, Barieau, Barillault, Barrillaut, Barillon, Barillot, Bario, BarrioBoisvert, Laforest, Lamarche, Potvin, Thibodeau
BarthelemyBartelemy, Barthelemi, Barthelemy, BerthelemyDauphin, David, Rosa, Rose
BaubienBaubien, BeaubienDesaulniers, Lariviere, Trottier
BaudinBaudin, Beaudin, BodinDesjardins, Rochefort
BaudoinBaudoin, Baudouin, Beaudoin, Beaudouin, Bodoin, Bodouin, BowdoinLapommerais
BaudreauBaudereau, Baudrau, Baudrault, Baudreau, Baudriau, Baudrio, Baudro, Beaudreau, Beaudro, BodreauGraveline, Labonté
BeaubienBaubien, BeaubienDesaulniers, Lariviere, Trottier
BeaucheminBeauchemain, BeaucheminHus, Millet, Petit, Pinard, Raiche
BeaudetBaudet, Beaudet, Bodet, Bodette, BoudetDucap, Postel
BeaudinBaudin, Beaudin, BodinDesjardins, Rochefort
BeaudoinBaudoin, Baudouin, Beaudoin, Beaudouin, Bodoin, Bodouin, BowdoinLapommerais
BeaudreauBaudereau, Baudrau, Baudrault, Baudreau, Baudriau, Baudrio, Baudro, Beaudreau, Beaudro, BodreauGraveline, Labonté
BeaulieuBaulieu, Baulieux, Beaulieu, BeaulieuxAlbert, Bertrand, Diercé, Gourdeau, Hudon, Lebel, Martin, Montpellier, Philippe
BeaumontBeaumon, BeaumontCouillard, Hébert, Pistolet
BeausoleilBeausoleil, BosoleilAngard, Crespin, Guillemot, Malboeuf, Normandin, Rousseau, Sylvestre
BechardBechar, BechardGranville
BelangerBelangé, Belanger, Belenger, Bellangé, Bellanger, BellengerBonsecours, Brisson, Delienne, Michand, St-Jean
BelisleBelisle, BellisleChevrefils, Gagnon, Germain, Goguet, Goyer, Lefebvre, Levasseur, Rotureau
BellefeuilleBelfeuille, BellefeuilleLefebvre, Poiriau, Poirier, Rivard
BellefleurBelfleur, Bellefleur, BellefleureAsselin, Bonneville, Gaté, Gordiena, Remy
BellefontaineBellefontaine, BellefontenneFortin
BelleriveBellerive, Bellerives, BellesrivesCouture, Crevier
BenoitBenois, Benoist, BenoitAbel, Labonté, Laforest, Laguerre, Livernois
BergerBergé, BergerBernard, Rougeau
BergeronBargeron, Bergeon, Bergeron, BerjeronDamboise, Philibert
BernardBernar, BernardBerger, Brouillet, Fontaine, Hinse, Jolicoeur, Lajoie, Lariviere
BernierBarnier, Bernié, Bernier, BrenierDauphin, Jean de Paris, Lamarzelle, Rigaud, Verbois
BerthiaumeBarthiaume, Bertaume, Berthaume, Bertheaume, Berthiaume, Berthiome, Bertiaume, BertiomeGeoffroy, Godin, Lafosse, Noel, Pelletier
BertrandBartrand, Berterand, Bertran, Bertrand, BertrantBeaulieu, Desrochers, Durocher, Lafleur, St-Arnaud, Toulouse
BérubéBerrubay, BérubéAubé, Choret, Levesque
BilodeauBilaudau, Bilaudeau, Bilaudeaux, Bilaudo, Bileaudeau, Billaudeau, Billodeau, Billodo, Bilodau, Bilodeau, Bilodo, BilodosGuerard, Valliere
BlainBlain, Blein, BlinBelair, Bienvenu, Blais, Lajeunesse, Lavigne, Lefebvre
BlaisBlais, Blay, BledBelair, Bienvenu, Blais, Lajeunesse, Lavigne, Lefebvre
BlanchardBlanchar, Blanchard, BlanchartBerrichon, Larose, Renaud, Turenne
BlanchetBlanchet, BlanchetteLaforest
BlondinBlondain, BlondinAvon, Berneche, Bilmer, Bonneau, Lapierre, Leclerc
BlouinBeloin, Belouin, Bloin, BlouinLaviolette, Nantel
BocageBeaucage, BocageBaillargeon
BoileauBoilau, Boileau, BoisleauRicheboug, Seney
BoisBois, BoyBerthelot, Mignier
BoisclairBoisclair, BoisclaireBeriault, Enouille, Maillot
BoisjolyBoisjoli, BoisjolyGrivaud, Leonard, Lienard
BoivinBoisvin, BoivinDufresne
BolducBolduc, BolducqBouchard, Despres, Germain, Guérin, Talon
BonenfantBonenfant, BonnenfantBenard, Bernard
BonsecoursBonsecour, BonsecoursBelanger, Carrier, Fauteux
BordeleauBordelau, Bordeleau, BourdeleauLafrance
BosséBoce, Bosce, BosseBelhumeur, Genereux, Marier
BouchardBouchar, Bouchard, BouchartBelleville, Dorval, Ouellet, Saucier, St-Pierre, Vallee
BoucherBouché, Boucher, BouchezBarbel, Belleville, De Boucherville, De Grosbois, De Labroquerie, Delabruere, Demontbrun, De Niverville, Denois, Desrosiers
BoudriasBaudria, Baudrias, Beaudria, Bodria, Boudria, BoudriasBaraslou, Labonté, Plumereau
BoudreauBoudrau, Boudraut, Boudreau, Boudro, Boudrot, Boudreaux, BoudrauxGranville
BoulangerBoulangé, Boulanger, Leboulanger, LeboullangerLefebvre, St-Pierre
BoulayBoulai, Boulait, Boulay, Boulé, Boulet, Boulette, Boullé, BoulletLeboeuf, Martin
BourbeauBorbeau, Bourbau, Bourbaut, Bourbeau, BourbeauxBeauchesne, Carignan, Lacroix, Verville
BourbonnaisBourbonais, Bourbonnais, Bourbonnois, BourbonoisBrunet, Joyal
BourbonnièreBourbonier, Bourboniere, Bourbonnier, BourbonniereBeaudry, Gaudry
BourdonBourdon, BourdontDombour
BourgBourc, Bourg, Bourgue, Bourk, BourqueLachapelle
BourgaultBourgau, Bourgault, Bourgaut, Bourgos, BourgotLacroix
BourgeoisBourgeois, Bourgois, BourjoisBercas, Gregoire, Laverdure
BourgouinBourgoin, BourgouinBourguinon, Leveille
BouletBoulai, Boulait, Boulay, Boulé, Boulet, Boulette, Boullé, BoulletLeboeuf, Martin
BousquetBosquet, Bousquest, BousquetArchambault, Brodeur, Desmarais, Larose
BouvierBouvié, Bouvier, BouviersGodin, Hudon, Laplante
BrabantBraban, Brabant, Breban, BrebantLamothe, Lecompte
BrassardBrassar, Brassard, BrassartBordet, Deschaineaux, Duchesnau, Pilotte
BrasseurBrasseur, BrasseuxDuhamel
BraultBrau, Braud, Brault, Breau, Breault, Bro, Brod, Bros, Brost, BroxBarreau, Lafleur, Lafreniere, Pominville
BrazeauBrasau, Brasault, Braseau, Braso, Brasot, Brasseau, Brazau, Brazeau. Brazo, BrazotAcadien, Cadien, Deslauriers, Duhamel, Gaudet, Langevin, Laniel
BrienBrien, BryenDesrochers, Desroches, Durocher, Lapierre, Laroche
BriereBriere, Bryer, Bryere, LabriereAlain, Normand
BrissonBresson, Brison, BrissonBastien, Belanger, Dutilly, Laroche
BrodeurBrodeur, LebrodeurBousquet, Lavigne
BrossardBrosard, Brossar, Brossard, Brossart, BroussardDuchesneau, Lafontaine, Langevin, Pontoise
BrosseauBroseau, Brossau, Brosseau, BrossoDeslauriers, Lafleur, Laverdure, St-Jean
BrousseauBrouseau, Broussau, Brousseau, Brousseaux, Bruseau, BrusseauLafleur
BrunBrun, LebrunCarrier, Duplessis, Laforet, Laroque, St-Antoine
BruneauBrunau, Brunault, Bruneau, BrunoJolicoeur, Laviolette, Petit
BrunetBrune, Brunet, BrunetteBelhumeur, Bourbonnais, Dauphin, Lasabloniere, Létang
CahouetCahouet, Cahouette, Caouet, Caouete, CaouetteBreton, Deschamps, Lavallee
CampeauCampau, Campaut, Campeau, Campo, Campos, Campost, CampotBondy, Chevalier, Jacquet, Labonté, Lefebvre, Mézière
CanacCanac, CanaqueBourg, Couture, Marquis
CaouetteCahouet, Cahouette, Caouet, Caouete, CaouetteBreton, Deschamps, Lagacé
CarbonneauCarbonau, Carboneau, Carboneaux, Carbonnau, Carbonneau, Carbonneaux, CarbonoProvençal
CardinalCardinal, Cardinale, CardinauBoutin, Chevalier, L’Heureux, Leroux, Renaud, Theriault
CarignanCarignan, Carignant, Carignian, De CarignanBénard, Bourbeau, Duclos
CaronCarron, CaronDeschamps, Desruisseaux, Dussault, Gauthier, Latulippe, Laviolette, Verret, Vidal
CarpentierCarpantier, Carpentié, CarpentierBailly, Lyonnais, Noel
CarrierCarié, Carier, Cariere, Carrié, Carrier, CarrièreJamme, Lebrun
CartierCartié, Cartier, QuartierLafrance, Langevin, Larose
CasavantCasavan, Casavent, Cazavan, Cazavant, CazaventLadebauche
CasseCasse, Cassee, LacasseSt-Aubin
CastonguayCastongay, Castonguay, Castongue, Gastongay, GastonguayGuay
CatherineNo spelling variations listedAndré, Bélanger
ChambeauChambaud, ChambeauFleury, Lemire
ChamberlanChambellan, Chamberlan, Chamberland, Chamberlang, Champerlant, Chambrelan, Chambreland, ChambrelantCharon, Deschamps, Levasseur, Levesque
ChampagneChampagne, ChampaigneAndegrave, Aubin, Beaugrand, Dupré, Fontenelle, Foureur, Fugère, Gouin, Henault, Lalanne, Lambert, Laplante, Magnan, Orion, Rémy, St-Martin, Sylvestre, Tareau
ChantalChantail, Chantal, ChantaleLafleur
ChapelainChapelain, Chapelin, Chaplain, Chaplin, ChappelainConstantin, Lagarenne
ChapelierChapelier, ChapellierLampin, Latulippe
ChapelleChapelle, Lachapelle, LachappelleBourg, Guyon, Janot, Jolicoeur, Langoumois, Renaud
ChaputChapeu, Chappu, Chapput, Chapu, Chapue, Chapus, ChaputBelhumeur, Chapa, Cuisinier, Maurice, Senez
CharbonneauChabonneau, Charbonau, Charbonault, Charboneau, Charbonnau, Charbonneau, CharbonneauxDaunais, Deouatique, Hébert, Léveillé, Martin, Sanscartier
CharbonnierCharbonier, CharbonnierBlondeau, Desjardins, Seigneur, St-Laurent
CharlandCharlan, Charland, CharlantFrancoeur
ChasseChasse, Chasses, Chassey, ChesseyDethierry, Lemaine, Rousseau
ChateauguayChateaugay, ChateauguayBoulet, Lanou, Lemoine, Pepin, Perrault
ChateauneufChasteauneuf, Chatauneuf, Chateauneuf, CartoneufAntaya, Desranleau, Dumontet, Meneu, Montauban, Pelletier
ChatignyChatigne, Chatigni, ChatignyCorbin, Désilets, Lepine
ChauvinChauvain, Chauvin, ChovinBeaulieu, Bernet, Jouinne, Normand, St-Germain
ChevrierCheuvrier, Chevrier, ChevrilllierLajeunesse
ChiassonChiasson, Giasson, ChaissonGamelin, Rivard
CholetChaulet, Cholet, CholetteLaviolette
ChomedeyChomedey, Chomedy, Dechaumedey, Dechomeday, DechomedyMaisonneuve
ChoquetChoquet, ChoquetteChampagne, Lafrance
ChretienChrestien, Chretien, Chretient, CretienLesourd, Levitre, Vadeboncoeur, Vincent
ClaudeClaud, ClaudeAlexandre, Leblanc
ClémentClemens, ClementChambly, Labonté, Lapointe, Lariviere, Leonard
CloutierCloustier, Cloutié, CloutierBeaupré, Bélanger, Buisson, Daumont, Fagnan, Lessard, Magny, St-Amour
ColletColet, Colette, Collé. Collet, ColletteDesgraviers, Dubuisson, Picard, Rigaud
ContoisComptois, Comtois, Contois, ContoyBeaudreau, Bouilleron, Brusseau, D’Estreme, Fordet, Garnier, Hugues, Hujot, Janet, LaFontaine, Marc, Rousse, Rousseau, Royer
CorbinCorbain, Corbein, Corbin, CourbinCadieux, Lacroix, Lavoie
CormierCormié, Cormier, CornierBarette, Berthelot, Breslay, Perrault, Rossignol, Thibier
CorporalNo spelling variations listedHus
CossetCosset, CossettePoitevin
CoteCaute, Coste, Cote, CotteFrisé, Grignon, Languedoc, Lefrisé, Lilois
CouillardCoulliar, CouillardBeaumont, Deschênes, Desecors, Desilets, Després, Dupuis, Lafleur, Lepine, Lilois
CourvilleCourvil, Courville, GourvilleAbraham, Baret, Billy, Cadieux, Desmarais, Herault, Lefebvre, Piette, St-Michel
CousineauCousinau, Cousinault, Cousinaut, Cousineau, Cousino, Cousinot, CouzinaudBeaudoin, Lamirande, Poisson
CroixCroix, Delacroiix, LacroixBabin, Bourgault, Corbin, Defoy, Fevrier, Gamelin, Hubert, Langevin, Lefebvre, Roberge, Thibodeau
CroteauCorteau, Crauteau, Crotau, Croteau, Croto, Crottau, Crotteau, CrottoAuger, Bernard, Vincent
CyrCir, Cire, Cyr, Cyre, Sir, Sire, Siree, Sirre, Syr, SyreCroc, St-Michel
DagenaisDagenais, Dagenai, Dagenes, Dagenest, DagenetLeprince, Lajeunesse, Lepine, Pigeon, Roux, Roy
DaigleDaigle. Daigles, Daigre, DehegueLallemand
DallaireDalair, Dalaire, Dalere, Dallaire, Daller, DallereBrousseau
DamboiseDamboise, DambroiseBergeron
DechaineDechaine, Dechene, Dechenes, Dechenne, Dechesne, Deschaine, Deschaines, Deschene, Deschenes, Deschennes, Deschesne, DeschesnesCouillard, Miville, Perrault
DecosteDecosse, DecosteDeletancour, Demousel, Languedoc, Paradis, Pelletier
DerocherDerocher, Derochers, Desrocher, Desrochers, DesrochetsBertrand, Brien, Duquet, Frappe, Houde
DeschainesDechaine, Dechene, Dechenes, Dechenne, Dechesne, Deschaine, Deschaines, Deschene, Deschenes, Deschennes, Deschesne, DeschesnesCouillard, Miville, Perreault
DeschampsDechamp, Dechamps, Dechant, DeschampsHenault, Hunault, Miville
DeshaiesDehais, Dehayes, Dehays, Dehes, Deshaies, DeshayesSt-Cyr, Tourigny
DesjardinsDejardin, Desjardin, DesjardinsBeaudin, Charbonnier, Delboeuf, Louvard, Roy, Verger, Zacharie
DesrochersDerocher, Derochers, Desrocher, Desrochers, DesrochetsBertrand, Duquet, Houde, Jean, Perrault, Sevestre
DesruisseauxDeruisseau, Desruisseaux, DurusseauHoude
DevauDevau, Devaux, Deveau, Deveaux, Devost, Devot, DevotsJolicoeur, Parisien, Perouard, Sanscartier
DionDion, Dyon, Hion, YonDeslauriers, Després, Dumontier, Dutilly, Guyon, Lemoine, Sansoucy
DionneDione, Dionne, DyonneBernier, Devidepoche, Jolicoeur, Moreau, Sansoucy, Guyon
DoironDoiron, Douairon, DoueronCadieux, Bernard
DoucetDoucet, DoucetteMaillard, Mesange, Pelletier, St-Louis
DoyonDoion, DoyonLaframboise, Lacroix, Moreau
DrouinDeroin, Derouen, Derouin, Droin, Drouen, DrouinBoucher, Lemaine, Lorrain, Nantel
DubeDubay, Dubé, Dubee, DubesDeforme
DugasDuga, Dugas, Dugast, DugatLabreche, Leveille
DumontDumon, Dumond, DumontBreton, DeBlaignac, Foulon, Grossetete, Gueret, Lambert, Laviolette, Marchand, Poitevin
EmardAimar, Aimard, Aimart, Aymar, Aymard, Aymart, Emart, Haimard, Haymard, Hemard, HemartDeslauriers, Gosselin, Ladouceur, Poitevin
EtienneEstienne, St-EtienneBelanger, Blais, Bourget, Clérinm Durivage, Lamadeleine, Lamontagne, Laprairie, Philippe, Pont
FabreFabvre, FavreLajeunesse, Lalancette, Laperiere, Larose, Montferrand, Raymond
FagnanFagnand, Fagnant, Faignant, FayanCharon, Cloutier, Desrosiers, Dufay, Failly, Mandeville, Martin, Piette
FaneufFanef, Farnsworth, Phaneuf, FarnworthBlais, Forget, Goddu, Granger, Labonté, Mignault, Paquet
Farland/FerlandFarland, Ferlan, Ferlant, Frelan, Freland, FrelanFrancoeur, Pelletier
FleurantFleuran, Fleurent, Florant, FlorentBoucher, Riopel, St-Amour
ForestFores, Forêt, Laforêt, LaforestBarbeau, Benoit, Jean, Joli, Labranche, Larose, Lefort, Morin, Tessier, Tiriac
FortinFortain, FortinBellefontaine, Lafortune, Lagrandeur, Paris, Plermel
FournierFournié, Fournier, LefournierBelleval, Desilets, Dufresne, Hebert, Lagrenade, Larose, Lesprit, Préfontaine, Vivier
GagnonGagnion, Gaignon, Gangnon, Ganion, GasnionBelisle, Chartrand, Grondin
GalipeauGalipau, Galipaux, Galipot, Gallipau, Gallipeau, GalypoDion, Jolicoeur, Potvin
GallantGaland, Galant, Galland, GallantCaron, Gallien, Haché
GaudetGaudais, Gaudé, Gaudet, Gaudette, Godé, Godet, Godete, GodetteLangevin
GaudreauGaudereau, Gaudrau, Gaudreau, Gaudro, Goderau, Godereau, Godreau, GodroGraveline, Larochelle
GauthierGaultier, Gauthier, Gautier, GotierBoisverdun, Brulon, Caron, Delaverandrye, DeVarennes, Frappedabord, LaFrance, Landreville, Larouche, Rabot, Saguingorra, St-Germain
GauvinGauvain, Gauvin, GovinLaire, Query, Rouillard
GervaisGervais, Gervaise, JarvisArchambault, Beaudoin, Beausejour, Dupuis, Harnois, Houde, Houle, Parisien, Rivard, Servais, Talbot
GiassonChiasson, Gyasson, Hiasson, JiassonGamelin, Hubert, Jeangource, Rivard, St-François
GirardGerard, Geraut, Gerhart, Giar, Girardeau, Girard, Girare, Girart, Girord, Girore, Girouard, Giard, Guerard, GyrardBreton, Brindamour, Derain, Devorlay, Girardin, Jeanpierre, Jolicoeur, Larochelle, Miot, Provençal, Sanschagrin
GirouardGeroir, Gerroir, Giouard, Giroir, Girroir, JirouardMalouin, Martel, Sasseville, Villemare
GodinGaudain, Gauden, Gaudin, Godain, Goddin, GodinBeausejour, Boisjoli, Catalogne, Chatillon, Felix, Lapoterie, Lauliere, Lincourt, Prescot, Tourangeau, Valcourt
GodreauGaudrau, Gaudrault, Gaudreau, Gaudreault, Gaudro, Godereau, Godrault, Godreault, Godro, Godrot, GoodrowBenoit, Chavaudray, Gravelin, Joffre
GuéretGuere, Guerette, Guerre, GuerretteDumont
GuerinGuerin, GuerrinFontaine, St-Hilaire
GuilbaultGuibau, Guibaut, Guibeau, Guibo, Guilbau, Guilbaud, Guilbault, Guilbaux, Guilbeau, Guillebault, GuillbeauGrandbois
GuyonDion, Dionne, Gion, Guillon, Guion, Guyon, Gyon, YonBuisson, Després, Dumontier, Durouvray, Dutilly, Frenette, Lemoine
HébertAbaire, Abare, Abbot, Ebart, Éber, Ébert, Heber, Heberd, Hébere, Hebert, Herber, Herbert, Hesbert, Hibbart, HubertBeaumont, Couillard, Deslauriers, Jolicoeur, Lambert, Larose, Laverdure, Lecompte, Lenoir, Manuel
HenryHenriHenrichon, Jarry, Laforge, Lahaye, Neveu, Madore
HoudeHoud, Houlde, Hourde, Oude, OuldeBellefeuille, Blosse, Bonin, Demers, Derousseau, Desrochers, Desruisseaux, Gervais, Houle, Leclerc
HouleHoul, Hould, Houlle, Oul, Oule, OulleDesruisseaux, Durocher, Gervais, Lafranchise
HubertHuber, Uber, UbertHébert, Lacroix, Lebert, Lippeau
HudonHeudon, UdontBeaulieu, St-Louis
JohnsonJanson, Jansonne, Jeanson, Jeansone, JohnstonCimetiere, Lapalme
LabelleLabel, Labele, LabellesBenoit, Blanchard, Charon

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Abbadie de Saint-CastinMaffier
Amirault dit TourangeauMaisonnat dit Baptiste
Angou dit ChoisyMalboeuf
ApartMangeant dit Saint-Germain
ArnaudMarchand dit Poitiers
ArosteguyMarres dit La Sonde
AucoinMartin dit Barnabé


Babineau dit DeslauriersMaucaire
BarillotMazerolle dit Saint-Louis
Bastarache dit Le BasqueMelanson dit Laverdure
BastienMelanson dit La Ramée
Belliveau dit BideauMercier dit Caudebec
Belliveau dit BlondinMessaguay
Benoit dit LabrièreMichel dit La Ruine
BergereauMigneau dit Aubin
Bergeron d’AmboiseMignier dit Lagassé
Bergeron dit NantesMirande
BernardMius d’Azit
Berrier dit MacheferMius d’Entremont de Plemarais
Bertaud dit MontauryMius d’Entremont de Pobomcoup
BertrandMonmellian dit Saint-Germain
Bézier dit Touin dit LarivièreMordant
BlanchardMorin dit Boucher
Blanchard dit GentilhommeMorpain
BodardMoulaison dit Rencontre
Boisseau dit BlondinMouton
Bonnevie dit BeaumontMoyse dit Latreille


BorelNaquin dit L’Étoile
Boucher dit DesrochesNogues


BoutinOnel (O’Neale)
BrassaudOrillon dit Champagne
Brasseur dit MathieuOudy


BugeaudPetitot dit Saint-Sceine


Caissy dit RogerPitre dit Marc
Calvé dit LaforgePoirier
CarréPoitevin dit Cadieux
Célestin dit BellemèrePoitevin dit Parisien
Cellier dit NormandPoitier
Chênet dit DubreuilPoujet dit Lapierre
Chesnay dit LagarennePoupart
Chiasson dit LaValléePréjean dit Le Breton
Chouteau dit ManseauPrétieux
ClémenceauPugnant dit Destouches


CoignacRacois dit Desrosiers
Cormier dit RossignolRenaud dit Provençal
Cormier dit ThierryRichard
CorneRichard dit Sansoucy
CorporonRichard dit Beaupré
CossetRichard dit Boutin
CosteRichard dit Lafont
CrépauxRobichaud dit Cadet
Creysac dit ToulouseRobichaud dit Niganne
CYRRobichaud dit Prudent


DaigreRodrigue dit de Finds
D’Amours de ChauffoursRousse dit Languedoc
D’Amours de ClignancourRoy dit La Liberté
D’Amours de FreneuseRullier
D’Amours de Louvière


D’Amours de PlaineSaindon
DanielSaint-Étienne de La Tour
DaroisSaint-Julien de La Chaussée
David dit PontifSamson
DelisleSaulnier dit Lacouline
DenisSauvage dit Forgeron
Denys de FronsacSauvage dit Chrystophe
Deschamps dit ClocheSavoie
DesmoillonsSerreau de Saint-Aubin
DesprésSicotSimon dit Boucher
Deveau dit DauphinéSoulard
Dominé dit Saint-Sauveur


Doucet dit LaverdureTandau
Doucet dit LirlandoisTerriot
Doucet dit MayardTestard dit Paris
Dubois dit DumontThibodeau
DuguayToussaint dit Lajeunesse
Duon dit LyonnaisTrahan
DuplessisTriel dit La Perrière


Turpin dit La Giroflée



Fontaine dit BeaulieuViger
ForestVigneau dit Maurice
FougèreVincent dit Clément


Garceau dit Boutin
Garceau dit Richard
Garceau dit Tranchemontagne
Giboire Duvergé dit Lamotte
Gisé dit Desrosiers
Godin dit Beauséjour
Godin dit Bellefeuille
Godin dit Bellefontaine
Godin dit Boisjoli
Godin dit Catalogne
Godin dit Chatillon
Godin dit Lincour
Godin dit Préville
Godin dit Valcour
Grandmaison (dit Terriot dit Guillot)
Guédry dit Grivois
Guédry dit Labine
Guédry dit Labrador
Guédry dit Laverdure
Guérin dit Laforge
Guillot dit Langevin
Guy dit Tintamarre


Hache dit Gallant
Hébert dit Manuel
Hélys dit Nouvelle
Henry dit Robert






La Barre
Labat dit Le Marquis
La Bauve
La Chaume
La Croix
La Lande dit Bonappetit
LaPierre dit La Roche
Lebert dit Jolycoeur
LeBlanc dit Jasmin
Le Borgne dit Bélisle
LeClerc dit Laverdure
Léger dit LaRozette
LeJeune dit Briard
LeMarquis dit Clermont
LeNeuf de Beaubassin
LeNeuf de Boisneuf
LeNeuf de LaVallière
Le Poupet de Saint-Aubin
LePrieur dit Dubois
L’Eschevin dit Billy
LeVanier dit Langevin
Levasseur dit Chamberlange
Levron dit Nantois
Lord dit La Montagne

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More Variations/Derivatives of French surnames

Aba(i)r(e) = Hébert
Asselin = Ashla, Aslaw, Ashlaw, Aslin, Ashlin, Ashlow
Aubin = Obin
Audet(te) = Odet(te)
Austin = Ostiguy
Bean = Lefebvre
Beaulac = Bolack
Beaudoin = Boardwine
Benoit = Benway
Benway = Benoit
Boardwine = Beaudoin
Bobo = Bourbeau
Boileau = Drinkwater
Boivin = Drinkwine
Boisvert = Greenwood
Bolack = Beaulac
Bolduc = Bolduke
Bolduke = Bolduc
Boncoeur = Bunker, Goodheart
Bonenfant = Goodchild
Boucher = Bushey
Bourbeau = Bobo
Bousquet = Buskey
Boutain = Button
Bouthillier = Butler
Boutin = Button
Branconnier = Brockney
Brault = Brow
Brockney = Branconnier
Brooks = Rousseau
Brow = Brault
Buckwheat = Sarrazin
Bunker = Boncoeur, Goodheart
Bushey = Boucher
Buskey = Bousquet
Butler = Bouthillier
Button = Boutain, Boutin

Chagnon = Shonyo
Chainey = Sheni
Chantal = Shontelle
Charbonneau = Cole
Charron = Sharron
Chauvin = Shover
Chicoine = Shequin
Cinq-Mars = St. Mars
Cir = Cyr
Clokey/Clouckie = Cloutier
Cloutier = Clokey/Clouckey
Cole = Charbonneau
Comeau = Como
Como = Comeau
Corbeau = Corbo
Corbo = Corbeau
Cota = Côté
Côté = Cota
Courchesne = Cushion
Courtemanche = Shortsleeves
Cousineau = Cousino
Cousino = Cousineau
Cummings = Viens
Cushion = Courchesne
Cyr = Sire, Cyre, Cir, Sears, Sear

Dabat = LaBatt
Danis = Dany, Downey
Deaette = Deyette
de St-Pierre = Dessin-Pierre
Demarais = Demarey
Demarey = Demarais
Denault = Denno
Denno = Denault
Derouin = Drouin
Déry=DeRye, D’Hery,
Derry, Deary
Deschamps = Fields, Dechand, DuChen
Desautels = Dezotelle
Desparts = Desport
Desport = Desparts
Dessin-Pierre = de St-Pierre
D(e)uso = Duss(e)ault
Deyette = Deaette, Diette
Dezotelle = Desautels
Downey = Danis
Drinkwine = Boivin
Drinkwater = Boileau
Drouin = Derouin
Duchaine = Duchesne
Duchanno = Duchesneau
Duchene = Duchesne
Duchesne = Duchaine, Duchene Duchesneau = Duchanno
Dumas=Demers, Demars
Dussault = Deuso

Farnsworth = Phaneuf
Favero = Favreau
Favreau = Favero
Fields = Deschamps
Fleury = Flowers
Flowers = Fleury
Foisy = Foizie
Foizie = Foisy
Fontaine = Fountain/Spring
Fournier = Fuller
Frappiea = Frappier
Frappier = Frappiea
Fuller = Fournier

Gaboury=Gabourie, Gabori, Gadourie
Gagné = Gonyea
Gagnon = Gonyeau
Gareau = Garrow
Garrow = Gareau
Gaultier = Gotchy
Gebo = Gibeau(lt)
Gerard = Girard/Girouard
Gero = Giroux
Gibeau(lt) = Gebo(w), Jebo(w)
Gingras = Jangraw, Shangraw,
Jeangras, Jeangraw
Girouard = Girard/Gerard
Giroux = Gero
Godreau = Goodroe/Gaudreau
Gonlah = Gumlaw
Gonyea = Gagné
Gonyeau = Gagnon
Goodchild = Bonenfant
Goodheart = Bunker, Boncoeur
Goodroe = Godreau/Gaudreau
Goosie = Gousy
Gotchy = Galtier
Grandchamp(s) = Grashaw
Grashaw = Grandchamps
Greenia = Grenier
Greenwood = Boisvert
Grégoire = Grigwire
Grenier = Greenia
Grew = Groulx
Grigwire = Grégoire
Groulx = Grew
Gumlaw = Gonlah

Hébert = Aba(i)r(e)

Jacks = Jacques
Jacques = Jacks
Jangraw = Gingras
Jaquin=Jaqueen, Jackins, Jakins
Jeangra(s)w = Gingras
Jebo(w) = Gibeau(lt)

King = Roy

LaBatt = Dabat
Laf(f)ler = Lafleur
Lafleur = Lafloor, Laflour, Laf(f)ler, Lef(f)ler, Lof(f)ler, Laflin
Laflin = Lafleur
Lafloor = Lafleur
Laflour = Lafleur
Lajeunesse = Young
Lanctôt = Languedoe, Langdo, Loncto, Lonto, Laucto, Longtoe
Landreville = Lunderville
Landry = Laundry
Lang(ue)do(e) = Lanctôt
Langevin = Longway
Lareau = Laroe/Larrow
Larivière = Rivers
Laroe = Lareau/Larrow
Larrow = Lareau/Laroe
Larocque = Larock, LaRock
Launcto = Lanctôt
Laundry = Landry
Lavigne = Lev(i)en(e), Laveen
Lafave = Bean, Lefave
Laviolette = Lovelette
Lavoie = Levoy
Lefave = Bean, Lafave
Lefebvre = Lefave, Lafave, Bean
Lef(f)ler = Lafleur
Legault=Leguolt, Legoat
L’Em(e)lin = Lemelin
Lemoine = Luman
Letourneau = Litno, Turner
Levesque = Levick
Levick = Levesque
Levi(e)n(e) = Lavigne
Levoy = Lavoie
Litno = Letourneau
Lof(f)ler = Lafleur
Longtoe = Lanct&ocirct
Longway = Langevin
Lonto = Lanctô
Lovelette = Laviolette
Luman = Lemoine
Lunderville = Landreville
Maison = Mas(s)on
Mas(s)on = Maison
Maurice = Morris
Maynard = Ménard
Meilleur = Miller/Millar
Ménard = Maynard
Miller/Millar = Meilleur
Moreau = Mor(r)o(w)
Mor(r)o(w) = Moreau
Morris = Maurice

Nadeau=Neddo, Nadae, Nada

Obin = Aubin
Odet(te) = Audet(te)
Ostiguy = Austin
Ouellette = Willet(te), Wellet(te)

Paradee = Paradis
Paradis = Paradee
Parenteau = Paronto
Pariseau = Parizo
Parizo = Pariseau
Paronto = Parenteau
Patenaude = Patno(de)
Patno(de) = Patenaude
Patry = Peartree = Poirier
Peartree = Patry = Poirier
Pecor = Picard
Pelkey = Pelletier
Pelletier = Pelkey
Perr(e)ault = Perro
Perro = Perr(e)ault
Phaneuf = Farnsworth
Picard = Pecor
Ploof = Plouffe
Poirier = Patry, Peartree, Purrier, Puariea, Peiria
Potvin = Pudvah
Proulx = Prue
Prue = Proulx
Pudvah = Potvin
Purrier = Poirier

Quémeneur=Kemener, Kimeneur, Timeneur, Kemneur, Kemener, Kimenir, Temenaire, Timenaire

Rabtoy/Robtoy = Robitaille
Racicot = Rasco(e)
Racine = Root
Rasco(e) = Racicot
Renaud/Renault = Reno
Reno = Renault/Renaud
Riendeau = Yando
Rivers = Larivière
Robitaille = Rabtoy/Robtoy
Rochefort = Rockford, Rochfort, Rochford
Rocheleau = Rushlow
Rockford = Rochefort
Rondeau = Rondo
Rondo = Rondeau
Root = Racine
Rouiar = Rouillard
Rouillard = Rouiar
Rousseau = Brooks
Roy = King
Rushlow = Rocheleau

Sampierre = St. Pierre
Sans Laurent = St. Laurent
Santaw = St. Onge
Sarault = Serreault, Sarrault, Serault, Sarau, Sereau
Sarrazin = Buckwheat
Sear(s) = Cyr
Seymard = Simard
Shangraw = Gingras
Sharron = Charron
Sheni = Chainey
Shequin = Chicoine
Shontelle = Chantal
Shonyo = Chagnon
Shortsleeves = Courtemanche
Simard = Seymard
Spring = Fontaine
St. Laurent = Sans Laurent
St. Mars = Cinq-Mars
St. Pierre = Sampierre
St. Onge = Santaw

Tailleur = Taylor
Taillon = Tyo
Tarien = Therrien
Tatro = Tétreault
Taylor = Tailleur
Teboh = Thibeau
Tétreault = Tatro
Tereo = Theriault
Terrien = Therrien
Theriault = Tereo
Therrien = Tarien, Terrien
Thibeau = Teboh
Tremblay = Trombley
Trombley = Tremblay
Tro(t)tier=Trotchie, Trutchie, Trouchia
Trudeau = Trudo
Trudo = Trudeau
Turner = Letourneau
Tyo = Taillon

Vanslatte = Vincelette
Veron=Verron, Varon, Biron
Viens = Cummings
Vincelette = Vanslatte

Wellet(te) = Ouellette
Willet(te) = Ouellette

Yando = Riendeau
Young = Lajeunesse, Dion(ne)

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