1610 First Seigneur of Acadia, Returned

Jean de Biencourt de Poutrincourt, Baron de Saint Just became the first seigneur of Acadia when de Monts granted him the Port Royal area in 1604. Upon returning to France, he applied for and received confirmation of a grant in the area. Poutrincourt (1557-1615), was the son of Florimond de Biencourt and Jeanne de Salazar. He married Claude Pajot on August 14, 1590 and they had 6 daughters and 2 sons (Charles and Jacques). After returning to France, Poutrincourt died in 1615 at the battle of Méry sur Seine.
Poutrincourt’s son, Charles de Biencourt de Saint Just, was with him on the Jonas, which left from La Rochelle, France on May 13, 1606. This was Poutrincourt’s second trip to Acadia. [“The Seigneurs of Acadie”, Joan Bourque Campbell, Les Cahiers, SHA, V. 26, No. 2, 1995, p. 91-94] 1610
In 1610, he brought his son, a priest, and other men (and perhaps cattle) with him. He planted winter crops as soon as he arrived. Forty men stayed with him for the winter, while his son returned home with a cargo of furs. [Clark, p. 81]
We don’t know of the agricultural activity from 1610 until the Scottish arrived. There’s no evidence of dyking or fruit trees early on. [Clark, p. 87]