Second CD: Acadian-Cajun Family Trees

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“A few years ago, we took a trip to visit Nova Scotia and new Brunswick. While there we purchased your Acadian-Cajun Family Trees CD. By using the information contained on this CD, I was able to increase mine and my wife’s ancestry listing from 400+ to over 1700 names which comprise 800+ families. I highly recommend this CD to anyone who is Cajun of Acadian descent and who is serious about tracing his or her roots.” DWL of Louisiana

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Acadian-Cajun Family Trees

Acadian-Cajun Family Trees

I am very pleased to announce that my SECOND Acadian-Cajun Genealogy CD-ROM is now available! I have made a special arrangement to have Progeny Software Inc., produce and distribute the new CD entitled “Acadian-Cajun Family Trees ©1999”, which is Windows-based and include its own Family Explorer™ genealogy program authored by Progeny. These combined features make it extremely simple to use! I am now accepting orders for this CD, which contains genealogical information on over 600,000 lineage-linked, family history records of Acadian-Cajun ancestors/descendants and is entirely different from my FIRST “In Search of Our Acadian Roots”©1994 [to current date], CD . This is reportedly the largest single Acadian-Cajun/French-Canadian data base available, anywhere.

Acadian-Cajun Family Trees

Acadian-Cajun Family Trees ©1999 [to current date]

Discover Your Acadian History: Over 600,000 Records to Search

Explore your Acadian roots with the Acadian-Canjun Family Trees CD. With over 600,000 lineage-linked records, representing 2,500 family names, you are sure to find valuable additions to your family research database. This is reportedly the largest single database for French ancestry available anywhere.

If your ancestors are here, finding them will be easy using Progeny Family Explorer™ – the family tree software bundled with the database.

Family Explorer allows you to view, navigate and print a variety of genealogy charts. You can also publish book registers, family group records and kinship reports from the CD.

Once you’ve verified a family relationship, you can export records to GEDCOM and import them into your genealogy database program.

Data for this CD was submitted by individuals doing family research to Yvon Cyr at the website It is a valuable resource for anyone interested in tracing their French ancestry.

The Acadian Cajun Family Tree CD can be ordered using our secured online ordering system, we accept all major credit cards;

 IMPORTANT: The Acadian-Cajun Family Trees was originally only compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME and NT. However, Progeny Genealogy have issued an upgrade for their Family Explorer Program and the CD can now be used with all Windows Operating Systems. For the FREE Progeny Genealogy update, please email me at [email protected]

Thanks for the info on the free download of the Vista compatible program which allows me to play the “Acadian-Cajun Family Trees” CD on the Vista as well as on the XP computer.
It took a little doing since the program would not download on my Vista laptop. Each time I clicked on the “download…” prompt, the internet would shut down. I had to download on the XP, then copy to a CD and in turn load the CD to the Vista computer. It was worth the effort; It now works fine on Vista and I am now able to use my original “Acadian-Cajun ….” CD on the Vista laptop.
Thanks again,
Dave LeJeune