Brother’s Keeper 6

Brother’s Keeper 6
F.A.Q. and Solving problems

If you get a message that your data files are “Read Only”: If you copy files to a CD and then copy them back to the C: drive they will be READ ONLY. The way to fix that is to change the file attributes of the files. Be sure you have Administrator Rights (see below.) First start BK and at the bottom where does it say the files are located? Then stop BK. To fix it from Windows, go to Start, My Computer and open the folder where the data is located. Then press CTRL+A to select all files. Then pick File, Properties, and turn OFF the Read Only attribute. Then pick Apply or OK.

If you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 you will need to set the BK6 program to run with administrator rights. Right click the BK6 icon and pick Properties, Compatibility, Run as administrator, then click OK

If you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 and you get a message when starting BK that says the data should not be below the C:\program files folder then click here.

If you try to start BK 6 and get the message: wbtrv32.dll did not load correctly Then
1. Be sure you have Administrator rights for your user account if you are using Vista or Win XP or Windows 7.
2. If you still get the error, then tell John Steed if you have Peachtree Accounting or Maximizer on your computer.
3. Also, are you using Computer Associates firewall.
4. Are you using Comodo Internet Security firewall.

Sometimes when starting the program, BK may say it can not find your default printer. I am not sure what causes this error. It happens sometimes with some Vista 64 computers. If rebooting the computer does not fix the problem, then go to Control Panel, Printers. Pick a printer icon and set it as your default printer. Then change the Properties. Change your printer Port from whatever it is to FILE. Then save that and shutdown Windows. Then restart the computer and go to Control Panel, Printers, and change the Port from FILE back to what it was before. That will often fix the problem. If the problem continues, go to the web site for your printer manufacturer and download and install the current printer driver for your printer and your version of Windows. If you have Vista 64 be sure to get the Vista 64 driver.

To fix the sex of a married person, write down the marriage date and write down the BK numbers of the children. Then from the top menu pick Delete, LINK TO SPOUSE. Then fix the sex of each person. Then pick Add Spouse and link the spouse then pick Add Children and type the BK numbers of the children.

BK6 should start in about 5 to 8 seconds. If BK6 starts very slowly, then the problem could be a conflict with some other program that is currently running, such as your anti-virus program. Turn off the anti-virus program temporarily and then start BK6. If it starts quickly, then change the options in your anti-virus program so it does not slow down BK6. Other programs that may slow down BK6 are phone answering programs or a program called Babylon or programs to monitor the temperature of your motherboard.

If your mouse cursor disappears when running BK6, then run the Intellipoint program and turn off the option to Hide the cursor in some programs.

If you click Edit and get an error number 339 about component UniBox10.ocx then download the program again and install again.

If you are on the main screen of BK6 and you click the menu item EDIT and nothing happens, then run the FULL install program for BK6 again (not the update). If you get an “ordinal” error while installing, or if you click Edit and get an error number 339 about component LTOCX12N.OCX then click here. Otherwise, if you click File, General To Do Items, what is the error number? If you pick Other, Picture Summary what is the error number?

Regarding the “Print Where” field for pictures: If one is set to Primary, that one will be used for reports with pictures. If none is marked Primary, the one marked Group will print. If none are marked, the first will print. It is possible to have one picture print on Group sheets and a different picture print on Ancestor charts if you want.

With Windows XP or Vista BK6 only works when you are logged in with Administrator rights (rights to all folders). It will not run if you have an XP or Vista account with limited rights. Right click the BK6 icon and pick Properties, then on the compatibility tab select “Run as administrator” and click OK

If you find any bugs in the program, please email information to John Steed and include the version number of the program you are using. Pick Help, About BK to see the version number such as 6.3.23