“Genealogical Computing” Magazine.

Following is a reproduction of an article which appeared in the October – November – December 1995 issue of the “Genealogical Computing” Magazine.

The World Wide Web

Web sites (or pages) must be considered temporary. Trying to list even a fraction of web sites related to genealogy, seems a bit like taking a census of toadstools; they’re gone before you can sort the list. Still, a few succulent mushrooms remain for the plucking. One such site is the Acadian Genealogy Homepage, which continues to provide wonderful resources for all Acadian-Cajun researchers.

Despite the fugitive nature of many sites, the Web offers genealogists riches in wider variety than anyone could have dreamed of a few years ago. On the Web, you simply jump into a distant computer anywhere in the world. Furthermore, a computer’s web site in Chicago or Dallas can switch you to their computers without your knowledge. You may never discover that the files you’re retrieving may come, not from Chicago, but from Christ’s Church or Canberra, Boston or Durban or Berlin. Web sites are reached through home pages on the Web via their gibberish Uniform Resource Locator (URL) addresses, or by clicking on highlighted key words, on your screen.