“Heritage Quest Genealogy Magazine” Review

Following is a review on the “Acadian-Cajun Family Trees” CD-ROM written by Leland K. Meitzier and published in the November/December 1999 issue of “Heritage Quest Genealogy Magazine”.

This linked CD-ROM contains over 600,000 family history records from over 2500 family names. The information on the CD was submitted to Yvon Cyr, host of the Acadian Genealogy Homepage web site. The database is a compilation of unedited family trees submitted by over 200 people. Each person is linked to one or more generations of ancestors. Yvon Cyr began compiling family trees from submitted data in 1990. His uncle had provided him with a lot of genealogical information that he started with, and the database grew from there. In 1999 Progeny Publishing licensed Yvon Cyr’s collection and the CD is now available.

The database includes 603,229 persons; 1,215,259 events; 135,859 places, and 1,584,727 citations. It’s easy to work with. Just click on the Family Explorer icon to open the program. Click on the names icon. Type the name of interest or the person’s pin number if known. I checked for the surname Buras and got 11 hits. I then highlighted Jean Baptise Buras, and hit OK. I got a page giving his vital records, parents, children, and notes. By clicking on the Ancestors icon, I was able to go back another 6 generations. I was also able to click on the Descendant’s icon and come forward in time. I was then able to print out several Descendants’ Reports, a Registry Report (Book), Box Chart and Outline Chart. By clicking on the Ancestry icon, I could print out Family Group Sheets and Kinship Reports.

Searches can be done for any person, event name, place or combination thereof.

If you happen to have Acadian or Cajun ancestry, this CD may be just for you. I was rather impressed by the amount and quality of the data.

System Requirements: All Windows versions, 8MB hard drive space, and a CD-ROM Drive. No other software is required to run the CD.

Sample Charts Printed with Progeny Family Explorer