• Insert the CD-ROM in your CD/DVD drive; the CD-ROM will automatically open to the CD menu.
  • Once in the CD menu, click on the first button, to install the Brother’s Keeper (BK) program on your computer hard drive.  (You only need to install this program ONCE, even if you purchase more than one CD).  After the BK program installation is complete, return to the CD menu.
  • Click on the third button and Read Item #3 of the CD menu.  Use the scroll bar across, and read all of the important information.
  • Click on the second button of the CD menu, to start the BK program.
  • The FIRST TIME you start the program, you will be prompted for the location of the data files, as follows. “Which folder contains the BK data files?” Click on the drop-down (small, black) arrow (pointing down) and then highlight your computer’s CD-ROM drive in which you have placed the CD, (usually D: or E:). Do NOT choose one of the (yellow) folders listed….merely highlight the drive letter and then click the OK button.
  • When you start the program thereafter, the data files should automatically appear. IF NOT, then click on FILE, then OPEN DATABASE and when you are prompted for the location of the data files, follow the above-noted instructions to load the database files.

Special Note 1: You will NOT be able to view the information on the CD-ROM until/unless you have accessed the drive where the data files are located.  You will know you are in the proper drive, since the bottom of the main screen will show the drive letter and number of people in the database (in the “Names” portion of the main screen).  If a number does NOT appear in the “Names” section of the main screen, then you are NOT in the proper drive.  Repeat the instructions above and be certain you are choosing the proper CD-ROM drive letter of your computer.  The SECOND TIME (and thereafter) you start the BK program, you can also click on “File” and then “open database” to choose the proper drive.  The proper drive will be something OTHER THAN C:\ and most likely D:\ or E:\

Windows Operating Systems

The enclosed CD(s) has/have been UPDATED and will work with any/all versions of Windows Operating Systems.  In the event you purchased earlier copies of my “specific surnames” CD(s) and they are NOT operating on Vista or Windows, you should uninstall the current version of BK from your computer since, when you install the enclosed CD, the BK program on your computer will automatically be updated.  Be certain to review the latest instructions on my website in the F&Q section. You will find a link there, to source the required BK updates.

Using the CD-ROM

  1. During initial instructions, the BK program will install on your computer and create a “Brother’s Keeper 6” icon on your computer desktop.
  2. Double-click the newly created BK6 icon to start the program.
  3. The BK program will open within about 15 seconds.
  4. To start the reports and charts, pick from the choices under DESCENDANT, ANCESTORS, LISTS and OTHER (A good place to start to see all the names on the CD, is by clicking on LISTS, then ALPHABETICAL DISPLAY (Last name) which will provide a complete list of names on the CD.  Then double-click any names to see the details of some).  You can also use the F3 “Find” key to search for any/all individuals on the CD-ROM.
  5. Using the “search” option: After you have clicked on “Edit”, you will be taken to the edit screen.  While in the edit screen, click on “Find” (or press F3 on your keyboard) and then on “find a person”.  Type the name or number of the person (if you know it) you are looking for. Or type ? (a question mark) in front of the first name or last name ( i.e ? CYR).

REMINDER: The BK program provided is FULLY FUNCTIONAL and does NOT need to be registered!

Special Note 2: If you see an error message, such as; “error during Create. D:\BK6\person.DT6 STAT=94”…it is because you are attempting to use the BK program to view files within a folder, on the CD.  DO NOT use the BK program to view the files inside the numerous folders on the CD-ROM.  Instead, for example, use a word processing program to view the historical text files in the DOCUMENT folder. 


(Please read this before opening CD-ROM’(s))

  • All CD-ROM’s are created from the same master and therefore it is NOT POSSIBLE for a manufactured CD to be defective!
  • This, combined with the fact that none of the genealogical information contained on the CD(s) is encrypted and may be easily copied, means I cannot accept returns and will not issue refunds once the shrink-wrap plastic and/or seal of the jewel case, has been opened or tampered with in any manner.  Sorry.

In summary then, all software and accompanying database material is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind and Acadian-Cajun Genealogy shall not be liable for any use of (or inability to use) this product