We Are Acadian, Our Hebert Ancestors

This book traces nine generations of my Hebert ancestors. It begins with the progenitor of this line, Antoine Hébert, in 17th-century Acadia, and vividly portrays his and his descendants’ journey. The lineage is traced from their origins in Acadia to their subsequent exile, leading them to places as diverse as Connecticut, Quebec, France, and eventually Louisiana. Additionally, the book sheds light on the maternal lines intertwined with the Hébert family, exploring the histories of the Doucet, Boudrot, Doiron, Benoit, Verdu, Tullier, and Ory families.

It is currently available through Amazon for $42 (8 1/2″ x11″), color, 189 pages. Purchase on Amazon – We Are Acadian!: Our Hebert Family