Parish of Beaubassin

Michel HACHE and Anne CORMIER: Joseph, Marie, Jean-Baptiste, Charles, Pierre, Anne, Marguerite, Francois, Madeleine, Jacques.

Michel HACHE Jr. and Madeleine LeBLANC: Marie, Michel.

Pierre CORMIER and Catherine LeBLANC: Pierre, Marie, Jean-Baptiste, Madeleine, Michel, Catherine.

Jean-Baptiste POIRIER and Marie CORMIER: Marie, Joseph, Anne.

Anselme BOUDROT, orphan.

Pierre POIRIER and Agnes CORMIER: Pierre, Bernard, Michel, Guillaume.

Germain CORMIER and Marie LeBLANC: Pierre, Marie, Marguerite, Anne, Germain.

Philippe LAMBERT and Marie BOUDROT: Marie.

Francois CORMIER and Marguerite LeBLANC: Pierre, Anne, Catherine, Cecile, Paul, Francois, Joseph.

Michel POIRIER and Marie BOUDROT: Francois, Jacques, Joseph. Paul BOUDROT, orphan.

Francois DOUCET and Marie KESSIS: Francois, Michel, Anne, Pierre, Marguerite, Madeleine.

Michel BOURQ and Elisabeth MELANSON: Francois, Pierre, Anne, Elisabeth, Joseph, Jean-Baptiste, Alexandre.

Claude BOURGEOIS and Anne BLANCHARD: Marie, Paul, Claude, Joseph, Michel.

Martin RICHARD and Marguerite BOURQ: Alexandre, Michel, Marie, Marguerite, Joseph, Madeleine, Pierre.

Martin RICHARD and Marie CORMIER: Marie.

Pierre DOUARON and Madeleine DOUCET: Jean-Baptiste, Anne, Marguerite, Joseph, Michel, Paul, Pierre.

Louis DOUCET and Marguerite GIROUARD: Pierre, Madeleine, Louis, Marguerite, Marie.

Michel POIRIER and Madeleine BOURGEOIS: Michel, Jean-Baptiste, Marie, Joseph, Ambroise, Pierre, Anne.

Alexis CORMIER and Marie LeBLANC: Madeleine, Pierre, Marguerite, Agnes, Jean-Baptiste, Anne.

Widow ARSENAUT: Jacques, Francois, Claude, Abraham, Augustin.

Guillaume SIRE and Marguerite BOURQ: Michel, Jean, Pierre and the widow Marie GIROUARD.

Pierre SIRE and Claire CORMIER: Marie, Anne, Marguerite, Pierre, Jean, Jacques.

Claude BOUDROT, orphan.

Gabriel CHIASSON, widower: Marie Joseph, Francois, Abraham, Francoise, Anne, Marguerite, Judith.

Jean KESSY and Marie POIRIER: Marie.

Michel POIRIER and Marie CHIASSON: Michel, Marie, Cecil, Francois, Madeleine, Joseph, Pierre, Marguerite.

Pierre GODET and Anne BLANCHARD.

Louis POIRIER and Cecile MIGNAUT: Marie, Jean, Jeanne, Catherine, Marguerite. Abraham GODET and Marie Breau: Pierre, Anne, Marie, Paul.

Pierre ARSENAUT and Anne BOUDROT: Pierre, Charles, Anne, Francois, Jean, Marguerite, Jacques.

Pierre HEBERT and Marie-Joseph BLOU: Jean, Marguerite, Marie, Pierre, Joseph.

Jacques HEBERT and Jeanne GAUTROT: Jacques, Marie, Pierre.

Mr. MAISONNAT and Marguerite BOURGEOIS: Louis, Alexis, Judith, Marie, Mariane.

Jean KESSIS and Cecile HEBERT: Anne, Jean, Marie, Jacques, Brigette.

Pierre KESSIS and Therese MIRANDE: Michel, Cecile, Joseph, Anne.

Abraham ARSENAUT and Jeanne GODET: Marie, Jean-Baptiste, Pierre, Francoise, Paul, Marguerite, Anne, Jeanne, Madeleine.

Jean SIRE and Francoise MELANSON: Marie, Pierre, Paul, Michel, Marguerite, Anne, Jean, Francoise.

Pierre CARRE and Angelique CHIASSON: Marie, Marguerite, Pierre, Anne, Madeleine, Jacques.

Michel DEVEAU and Marie-Madeleine MARTIN: Pierre, Cecile, Jean-Jacques, Augustin.

Francois LaPIERRE and Marie BLOU: Jacques, Michel, Marie-Joseph.

Claude GODET and Marguerite BLOU: Pierre, Cecile, Marguerite, Marie-Joseph, Madeleine, Claude.

Widow BLOU. Germain GIROUARD and Jeanne BARILLOT: Michel, Marguerite, Francois.

Charles BOURGEOIS and Marie BLANCHARD: Jeanne, Charles, Pierre, Honore, Michel, Jean-Baptiste, Jacques, Madeleine, Anne.

Jean FOREST and Elisabeth LaBARRE: Jacques, Alexandre, Jean-Joseph, Marguerite, and two other children.

Joseph MIRANDE and Marie GODET: Pierre, Baptiste, Paul, Marie, Charles.

Michel KESSIS and Madeliene GODET: Joseph, Anne-Marie, Madeleine.

Rene BERNARD and Anne BLOU.

Augustin GODET and Agnes CHIASSON.

Antoine GODET and Marie BOURQ: Marie. PASCHALIN, orphan.

Charles ARSENAUT and Francoise MIRANDE: Charles.

Jacques OUDY and Cecile BLOU: Claude, Cecile.

Francois LaBAUVE and Madeleine BLOU: Francois.

Jean-Baptiste VECO and Marie CHIASSON.

Michel BOURQ and Marie CORMIER.

Jean-Baptiste Chiasson and Medeleine BOUDROT.

Germain GIROUARD and Marie DOUCET: Germain, Marie-Madeleine.

Jean-Jacques NUIRAT and Marie BOURGEOIS: Cecil.

Felix PAIN Missionary of Beaubassin, August 28, 1714

I am grateful to Joe Crochet who provided the above-noted information for the… “In Search of Our Acadian Roots” CD-ROM ©1994 (now available in Windows Version).

The original census can be found on microfilm C-2572 of the National Archives of Canada.

* with corrections by Yvon Cyr