Acadian-Cajun Family Trees CD

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over 600,000 lineage-linked Acadian records

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I have made a special arrangement to have Progeny Software Inc., produce and distribute the new CD entitled “Acadian-Cajun Family Trees ©1999”, which is Windows-based and include its own Family Explorer ™ genealogy program authored by Progeny. These combined features make it extremely simple to use! I am now accepting orders for this CD, which contains genealogical information on over 600,000 lineage-linked, family history records of Acadian-Cajun ancestors/descendants and is entirely different from my FIRST “In Search of Our Acadian Roots” ©1994 CD. This is reportedly the largest single Acadian-Cajun/French-Canadian database available, anywhere.

Over 600,000 Records to Search

Explore your Acadian roots with the Acadian-Canjun Family Trees CD. With over 600,000 lineage-linked records, representing 2,500 family names, you are sure to find valuable additions to your family research database. This is reportedly the largest single database for French ancestry available anywhere.

If your ancestors are here, finding them will be easy using Progeny Family Explorer™ – the family tree software bundled with the database.

Family Explorer allows you to view, navigate and print a variety of genealogy charts. You can also publish book registers, family group records and kinship reports from the CD.

Once you’ve verified a family relationship, you can export records to GEDCOM and import them into your genealogy database program.

Works with all desktop operating systems – Mac, Windows, and Linux
For Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, please download the updated software at –