Riviere Des Vieux Habitants (Les Mines)

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Jean TRAHAN, his wife, 2 boys, 2 girls, 4 arpents. 12 cattle, 15 sheep, 4 hogs, 1 gun.

Francois LAPIERRE, his wife, 6 boys. 3 girls, 6 arpents, 11 cattle, 5 sheep, 3 hogs, 1 gun.

Louis SONIER, his wife, 4 boys, 5 girls, 6 arpents, 4 cattle, 3 sheep, 2 hogs, 1 gun.

The original census can be found on microfilm C-2572 of the National Archives of Canada. However, the above noted was provided me by a third party, who may have sourced it from Tim Hebert, webmaster of the Acadian-Cajun Genealogy and History web site.