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ESCAPE FROM THE GUILLOTINE– An Acadian LANDRY Family’s Journey To Louisiana, is a well researched historical novel first edition. $12
The Acadian Story Continues In Louisiana, is a well researched first edition, depicting the travels of a THERIOT family. Autographed
This book traces nine generations of my Hebert ancestors. It begins with the progenitor of this line, Antoine Hébert, in
Darrel LeJeune, editor of The Basile Weekly and a retired Basile High educator, released a new book last week about
This historical novel is based on certain true facts. The author weaves a story set in 1757 on the east
A story of heroism and heartbreak for 13-year-old Acadian Nathalie Belliveau. Separated from her family during the brutal 1755 expulsion
The book sets the record straight about what has happened since Europeans invaded Mi’kmaw lands in the 17th century. For
Three women – mother, daughter, cousin – set out on an ancestor quest, inspired by their aunt who lived to
The Melanson Story: Acadian Family, Acadian Times traces the lives and adventures of Pierre and Charles Mellanson, their children, many of
A Cajun Life by C. Marshall Turner – Visit: for more details or to order your own signed copy. Blending